Zeiss VisuMax®

The latest Carl Zeiss VisuMax® platform employs a high-performance femtosecond laser technology that provides outstanding cutting precision, incredible speed/efficiency, and unsurpassed comfort with its gentle treatment technique.

The Zeiss VisuMax® is currently the only femto laser platform that employs a curved contact surface during flap creation. The curved contact surface is able to more closely match the natural curvature of the cornea resulting in a more natural and gentler flap creation.

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With traditional microkeratome and femto systems, eye pressure is increased during the flap creation process, often accompanied by temporary loss of vision (a couple of seconds). With the Zeiss VisuMax®, flap creation is possible at a lower pressure, maintaining the patient’s vision during this process. This translates to a gentler and more comfortable patient experience.

Operating at the pulse frequency of 500khz, the VisuMax achieves complete treatment in the shorter treatment times than other femtosecond lasers. The light pulses from the VisuMax® femtosecond laser are short yet intensive, so that they do not heat or damage the surrounding tissue during the incision.The groundbreaking Zeiss VisuMax®platform marks another step into the future of corneal refractive surgery.

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