What are the benefits of Custom Micro-LASIK®?

  • The #1 reason for most individuals:  Freedom from the limitations and inconveniences of glasses and contact lenses, not having to remember your glasses, look for your glasses, remembering your contacts and to take them off or clean them each and every day
  • Eliminate the cost of constant maintenance for glasses, contact lenses, contact lens solution and cleaners, in the long-term, LASIK will be less expensive than daily-use contact lenses and/or glasses
  • Decrease the chance of eye infection and corneal abrasions associated with handling contacts, the CDC released a recent study linking contact wearing to higher risks of eye infections
  • Increased peripheral vision (side vision)
  • Improve self confidence
  • The procedure is quick, with the surgery itself taking approximately 15 minutes total with only a few seconds of the actual laser treatment
  • Increased cornea strength and stability compared to conventional Lasik
  • Speedy recovery, nearly all of our patients return back to work after 1-2 days post-surgery with the Custom Micro-LASIK procedure
  • With Custom Micro-LASIK there is increased cornea strength and stability
  • Decreased risks of potential side effects using Custom Micro-LASIK versus traditional

With the Custom Micro-LASIK® technique, the goal is to eliminate your dependency on corrective lenses like glasses and contact lenses.  The benefit of the Custom Micro-LASIK® technique is that it increases cornea strength and stability by preserving more corneal stroma.  The thinner flap also decreases the risks involved with the procedure by reducing the potential for side effects, like glare and halos.  With Custom MICRO-LASIK®, corneal flaps are almost 50% thinner than flaps created by other microkeratomes and as thin as laser-created flaps.  The thinner corneal flap decreases recovery time because the natural bandage can heal much faster when compared to a thicker flap.  The extra corneal tissue available with Custom Micro-LASIK® also allows the surgeon greater flexibility in treating the eyes.  Patients will benefit from this extra margin of safety, especially those with larger pupils and higher refractive prescription, because more corneal tissue can be treated in those cases while maintaining exceptional results.


When the pupil is large, a larger optical zone should be used and therefore, more corneal tissue will be removed. Currently most surgeons agree that the residual cornea should be at least 250 microns (µm=1/1000th mm). With conventional LASIK a 180 micron flap is usually created.  This makes it difficult to safely utilize the 6.5mm optical zone.  To err on the side of caution, Dr. Robert Lin at IQ Laser Vision prefers a residual cornea of 275 microns.  Through Custom MICRO-LASIK®, a 100 micron flap can be created enabling use of the 6.5mm optical zone in a safe manner. More residual cornea is available to give the cornea strength while reducing side effects using Custom MICRO-LASIK®.

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